Latrobe Council Enterprise Agreement 2015

The Latrobe Council Enterprise Agreement of 2015 was a significant milestone for the local community. This agreement was reached between the Latrobe City Council and the Australian Services Union (ASU) to set the terms and conditions of employment for Council workers. It aimed to provide fair and reasonable wages, conditions and entitlements to employees while promoting the interests of the local community.

The agreement covered a wide range of areas including working hours, leave entitlements, salary increments, and health and safety. It also included provisions for flexible working arrangements and career development opportunities for employees. The agreement was designed to ensure that employees were treated fairly and with respect, and that their contributions were valued.

One of the main objectives of the Latrobe Council Enterprise Agreement was to promote a safe and healthy workplace environment. The agreement outlined the responsibilities of both the employer and employees in maintaining a safe workplace. It included provisions for the management of potential risks and hazards, as well as the provision of appropriate training and education to employees.

Another key aspect of the agreement was the promotion of work-life balance. The agreement recognised the importance of employees’ personal and family commitments and provided provisions for flexible working arrangements. It also included provisions for carer’s leave, parental leave, and other forms of leave that employees might need to balance their work and personal commitments.

The agreement also recognised the role of the broader Latrobe community in supporting the Council’s services. It included provisions for consultation with community representatives and feedback mechanisms for community members to provide input into Council decision-making processes.

Overall, the Latrobe Council Enterprise Agreement of 2015 was a comprehensive agreement that reflected the needs and values of the local community. It provided a fair and equitable framework for Council employees and ensured that the Council’s services were delivered in a manner that benefited the entire community. By prioritizing employee well-being and community engagement, the agreement demonstrated the Council’s commitment to creating a thriving and sustainable future for Latrobe.