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Richard Gilewitz Clinic

Richard Gilewitz is well known for his fingerstyle guitar, ukulele, gear, and sound reinforcement clinics for players of all ages and skill levels. These lecture-style clinics, often hosted by community music shops, are designed for players of any skill level and explore a variety of elements, including introduction to fingerstyle techniques and sound reinforcement. The 1 or 2-hour clinic begins with a short concert, followed by an interactive and informative session for those who wish to learn more about finger picking patterns as a “language” and a variety of tips on increasing playing skills. As a team member of several major instrument and sound manufacturers, Richard packs in valuable tips about selecting the proper guitar and accessories — all part of helping players raise their skill levels, overcome fears and insecurities about individual abilities, and enjoy the journey of playing the guitar or ukulele.

Give-aways include items from Shubb, LRBaggs, and a Breedlove Guitar!

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